The EasyTouch Display Control is Micro-Air’s newest display control, employing the very latest microcontroller and TFT LCD technology. It has a user-friendly, 2.5″ color, touch screen and is designed for use with direct expansion, reverse-cycle air conditioning systems or with chilled-water air handlers.

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Micro Air EasyTouch. Replaces Dometic® Smart Touch. Compatible with Dometic and Cruisair A/C Units. Intuitive icons and menus for easy use, leads you through start-up and troubleshooting. Schedule start-up & shut-down times or temperature changes. CAN Bus compatible. Accommodates Vimar Eikon, Eikon Evo bezels. This model is compatible with Dometic’s Passport I/O Board and U-Board.

(Wi-Fi Model Requires onboard router for dockside and open ocean use.)

EasyTouch – Most Advanced Marine Cabin Control Display in the World with WiFi

  • Use Your Smartphone to Manage Your Marine Thermostat via WiFi, on or off the boat, with the EasyTouch app (select WiFi option above)
  • Compatible with and automatically detects all Dometic, Cruisair and Marine Air Systems Passport I/O control boards
  • 24/7 Humidity Monitoring Keeps Your Boat Dry
  • Run DX equipment and TW Air Handlers with One EasyTouch Control


  • Compatible with the 6- and 8-pin cabin controls sold by the popular OEM A/C manufacturer, Dometic
  • Works automatically via auto-detection with Dometic OEM control boards
  • User-friendly and intuitive 2.5” touch screen display requires no manual for basic operation
  • Provides all operational features and modes of any cabin control in the industry, plus many more
  • Fits Vimar Eikon and Eikon EVO bezels
  • Built-in inside temperature sensor
  • Select 6-pin RJ-12 display interface or 8-pin RJ-45 display interface
  • Numerous programmable parameters and system for custom installations
  • Date/Time Clock for use with Program Scheduler (w/ battery backup)
  • Advanced system status screen and 500-entry, time-stamped fault history log
  • Adjustable display brightness, color schemes, and customizable sleep screen logo
  • Unique keypad PIN lock, commission procedure, and cleaning mode features
  • Supports loading a custom image for display during sleep mode (requires special USB cable & PC software)
  • Available with optional integrated Wi-Fi for operation from the new EasyTouch smartphone app! (Requires onboard router for dockside and open ocean use.)


The 8-Pin EasyTouch / Smart Touch replacement control works with the following boards:

  • Dometic Passport I/O Control Board
  • Dometic U Board
  • FX-1
  • FX-2

6-Pin model works with the following boards:

  • A-281C
  • A-282
  • A-288D
  • MAQ