Micro Air MCC Control Board works as a direct replacement for Dometic / Marine Air Circuit Board DDC 115 / 230V. The DDC Module is designed for use with single or multiple stage modular chiller assemblies to provide hot or cold water to air handlers while maintaining circulating water temperature at the desired setpoint.



Micro-Air MMC Board – Fits Dometic / Marine Air DDC 115 / 230V Circuit Board

The MCC Control Board is a fully-compatible replacement for the DDC® control board, offered with some Marine Air / Dometic Systems® chillers. MCC is a complete, standalone chiller controller. In addition, up to 6 MCC control boards can be networked together using the MCC Master control board to operate a large, multi-stage chiller system.

Marine Air Systems and DDC are a registered trademarks of Dometic Corporation.


• SMT (surface mount technology) reduces component size and frees up space for hardware improvements.
• New AC Voltmeter (± 2 volt accuracy) for brownout protection.
• Low Freon Pressure Failsafe locks out after four (4) consecutive faults.
• Pilot duty relays for compressor and heater outputs when the load requires contactors.
• “Euro signal terminals” ease wiring and reduces board space requirements.
• User-friendly push button programming interface replaces the trim pots and allows parameter viewing without disrupting settings.
• Universal 115/220-volt switch mode power supply eliminates large AC transformer, requires less board space and improves 115-volt brownout operation.
• Independent Freeze-Stat and High-Pressure failsafe hardware for protection during Bimini Jumper operation.


Cooling Set Point Range40°F to 58°F (4.4°C to 14.4°C)
Heating Set Point Range95°F to 120°F (35.0°C to 48.9°C)
Ambient Temperature Operating Range Displayed0°F to 150 F (-17.8°C to 65.6°C)
Sensor Accuracy± 2°F at 77°F (±1.1°C at 25.0°C)
Frequency50 or 60 Hz
Dimensions5.25″ X 5.875” X 2.0″(133mm X 149mm X 51 mm)
Water Sensor Cable Lengths . 2′ (0.61m) Standard
Line Voltage115 or 230 VAC