The Dometic VARC uses the advanced technology of an Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV). This provides more precise control of superheat across a broad range of conditions with no erratic swings as the valve reacts to changes in temperature and pressure. Using an advanced algorithm, superior heat control is maintained over extreme operating conditions.



Maximize chiller efficiency and reduce electrical load fluctuations with Dometic’s innovative Variable Capacity Chiller (VARC). At full speed, the VARC provides cooling or heating at maximum capacity, but also boasts the ability to modulate speed to precisely match demand. Other chillers use a basic all-on or all-off cycle of operation, causing tremendous electrical load changes. Whereas the VARC uses a precision PID (proportional integral derivative) loop control algorithm that modulates the compressor speed and balances chiller output with the required load. The VARC smooth operation eliminates large swings in electrical demand on the generator. Such efficient operation keeps noise levels and energy costs to a minimum! It’s easy to install thanks to flexible plumbing configurations and the compact footprint saves valuable space. Users can conveniently choose from three amp limits: Economy, Standard, or Boost.


  • Available in 230V 50HZ, 230V 60HZ
  • Variable capacity from 12000 BTU/h to 72000 BTU/h
  • Operates steadily at lower speeds to provide maximum efficiency
  • Electronic expansion valve for precise control of superheat
  • Select from three user-adjustable amp limits: Econo, Standard, or Boost
  • Compact footprint
  • Easy, flexible plumbing configurations with less depth needed


Whether you have a small leisure boat or a super yacht with multiple cabins, Dometic can always provide a tailor-made air conditioning solution that’s a perfect fit for you and your travel habits. Our retrofit program includes: a rooftop air conditioning system for large vessels and houseboats; useful accessories, energy management and clean air on board; not forgetting, our well proven complete kits for self-installation. Our installation kits now include an optional sound cover which reduces compressor noise from these quiet systems by another 50 %. Conveniently retrofit a climate control system and secure your on board comfort!