BREATHE EASY Portable Air Purifier

Reduces the odors of tobacco smoke, mildew, mustiness, chemical vapors, and toilets, and inhale
fresher, cleaner, healthier air virtually anywhere you go.




Effective in areas up to 500 sq. ft. (46 sq.m), the Breathe Easy™ Portable Air Purifier uses innovative Photocatalytic Nano-Mesh technology with ultraviolet (UV) light to improve air quality. The UV bulb inside uses a specific frequency of light that produces no harmful ozone. The unit operates quietly and has two fan-speed settings. A worldwide AC adapter with plugs is included, as well as a 12V DC power plug.

The Breathe Easy™ nano-mesh is a three-dimensional foam structure coated with titanium-dioxide (TiO2) and provides 2200% more contact surface area than simple screen structures found in competing air purifiers. This is a significant advantage, as photocatalytic air purification occurs only when airborne contaminants contact the photocatalytic surface.